Is the FBL your first furry convention? Wondering what it might be like? Don't go any further, this page is for you!

Furry conventions are very different from the "Japan" style conventions that are common in French-speaking countries in Europe. Where some would expect to see a big trade exhibition, furry conventions are something very different.

The biggest and most important difference is that a furry convention takes place in the rooms of the hotel, where the majority of the convention attendees are staying. After checking in at the hotel reception, you can go and check in with Convention Operations (or Con-Ops), who will give you your attendee badge. A precious badge that will give you access to all the rooms where the convention activities, workshops or shows are taking place, for the entire duration of the convention, as well as your goodies.

Unlike Japan/geek conventions, the commercial aspect, even if also present, only occupies a minor part and focuses on more handmade products. The "Dealers' Den" is exclusively composed of furry artists who sell their creations (commissions, boards, paintings, books, decorative objects, clothes, etc.) and its availability does not cover the whole convention.

In any case, the convention staff is there to help you feel at home and enjoy the event! We all hope that you will find what you are looking for and that you will have a great time at the FBL!