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How to register ?

To join us in the retrowave dimension, you will need a ticket (Pass) that will allow you to enter for the entire duration of the event (5 days). Please note, registrations will open on Saturday, 13 April at 20:00 CEST (French time). They will remain open until Saturday, 14 September inclusive.

Once registered, you will need to wait for the gang FBL Registration team to validate your account. After that, you will have 72 HOURS to purchase your Pass. After this period, you will lose your spot and be ejected of the queue.

Pre-registration online is MANDATORY, as no ticket sales will be made on-site.

Please also note that ticket refunds are not possible. However, it is entirely permissible to resell your ticket (at the same price) to a third party who is already registered via a process accessible on the registration site. Please be aware that resales will no longer be possible after Saturday, 19 October!

The prices

What is included ?

Like previous years, you have the option to reserve the basic convention pass which includes everything you need to attend FBL. This year, as a new feature, we also offer you the opportunity to support the convention with several levels of sponsor passes, each bringing its own set of surprises.

A big thank you to all the people who support us by purchasing a sponsor pack; this allows us to offer new things and improve FBL year after year!

Put on your sunglasses, choose the pack that suits you, and enjoy unprecedented retro-futuristic bonuses.

Start Pass
  • Access to the convention
  • FBL lanyard and badge
  • Conbook
Hoverboard Pass
  • Include all previous tiers' rewards
  • FBL T-Shirt
DeLorean Pass
  • Include all previous tiers' rewards
  • Mystery goodies 👀
  • Exclusive lanyard
  • Your name in our conbook!
LightCycle Pass
  • Include all previous tiers' rewards
  • Premium mystery goodies 👀
  • Early access to events and Dealers’ Den
  • FBL's exclusive hoodie
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