Code of conduct


By checking the appropriate box during your registration, you agree to the regulation below. After your registration, you are considered to have read and approved the regulation, which will apply upon your attendance.

A waiver consenting to the unconditional acceptance of this regulation will need to be signed to receive your attendee badge. A digital version will be available a few weeks before the event as well as a paper version on-site if the former has not been signed.

Chapter 1: General Regulations

All prohibitions may result in a permanent ban from the event.

Any action or behavior that may cause interference with the organization of the event, excessive discomfort for other participants, or could affect the relationships of the Anthrofur association and the FBL Board with their clients, partners, authorities, or the public is strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion, or in the most serious cases, permanent banning from the event and a report to the relevant authorities. No refunds for the convention and related expenses (hotel, transportation, etc.) will be issued if you are excluded from the event during it.

This general rule supersedes all others listed below and may be invoked at any time.

- Article 1: Be respectful towards others.

- Article 2: Access to the space rented by the Anthrofur association for the FBL event is strictly reserved for participants with a valid badge for the current year, authorized partners, and hotel staff.

- Article 3: You are responsible for any damage you may cause to property, individuals, and locations, whether it be of the hotel, the Anthrofur association, and/or individuals.

- Article 4: You must comply with instructions given by authorized personnel during the event (members of the FBL event's management team, members of the Anthrofur association's board of directors, hotel staff, or security personnel).

- Article 5: Intimidation, including harassment, whether physical, psychological, or criminal, constitutes an offense under Article 222-33-2-2 of the French Penal Code. Its infringement may lead to legal proceedings.

- Article 6: Be aware that we share certain spaces of the hotel and other activity areas with the public.

- Article 7: You must be appropriately dressed. We reserve the right to refuse your attire and/or ask you to change. Collars with leashes, spiked collars, choke collars, spiked bracelets, bracelets with D-rings, handcuffs, harnesses (excluding fursuit costumes), very tight-fitting outfits suggesting intimate parts (spandex, lycra, latex), and nudity (partial or total) are prohibited outside of any places and times explicitly indicated by the event's management team. Feel free to ask if you are unsure.

- Article 8: Any sexual behavior is prohibited in public areas.

- Article 9: Displays of any kind with adult content are not allowed (NSFW drawings, fetish equipment (pup play, age play, BDSM), rubber, latex, and vinyl costumes) outside of any places and times explicitly indicated by the staff.

- Article 10: Narcotic substances and dangerous items (sale, proposal, consumption) are prohibited by French law and may result in banning and reporting to law enforcement (Art. L. 3421-1 of the Public Health Code and Art. 222-37 of the French Penal Code).

- Article 11: The possession and public use of certain products with a vague legal status, which may lead to litigation between public services and the organizing entity, may be prohibited at the discretion of the event's organizing team.

- Article 12: Statements inciting discrimination, harassment, or violence based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and identity, age, religion, or nationality are strictly prohibited (Article 225-1 of the French Penal Code).

- Article 13: Wearing, displaying, and promoting symbols reminiscent of organizations that have been convicted of crimes against humanity are strictly prohibited in accordance with Article R645-1 of the French Penal Code. This includes so-called "alt-furry" movements.

- Article 14: Any abandoned items will be handed over to the lost and found department and kept for a maximum of 3 years. Do not leave your belongings and luggage unattended. Any suspicious package or abandoned luggage may lead to the activation of the Vigipirate plan (involving law enforcement and a bomb disposal team) by hotel staff.

Chapter 2: Registration

- Article 1.1: You must be at least 18 years old by the eve of the event's first day; no exceptions will be granted.

- Article 1.2: For safety reasons, children, toddlers, and infants will not be allowed in the convention spaces.

- Article 2: You must present an original, valid form of identification to obtain your badge from the con-ops at the beginning of the convention. Accepted forms of identification include: national identity card (European), driver's license (European), passport (international).

- Article 3: Event activities are open only to registered participants who have paid the total amount of their registration fee. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions (Chapter 1, Article 3), no on-site payments are accepted during the event.

- Article 4: A badge, serving as an entry ticket, is valid for one edition only for the person to whom it has been assigned and cannot be shared. Any loss or theft of this badge must be immediately reported to the FBL operations desk (referred to as "Con-Ops") during the event.

- Article 5: Badges must be visible at all times and presented and/or handed over to a staff member upon request and during any access control operation to activities and spaces reserved for the event. They may also be requested by hotel staff or event partners, for example, for potential discounts.

- Article 6: Please do not wear lanyards or badges that could be confused with those of Con-Ops, Safety, or the FBL Board. You will be asked to remove them if we notice.

- Article 7: Modifying, altering, or hiding badge information is strictly prohibited.

Chapter 3: Hotel

- Article 1: Please refrain from being excessively loud in the hallways or in your room. Respect people who are sleeping! Any infractions will be reported to the hotel security and may also result in sanctions by the organizing team.

- Article 2: Measures may be directly taken by the hotel, the FBL board, and/or the Anthrofur association to expel individuals causing disturbances and/or observed damages, as well as for breaches of regulations within the hotel and the convention space rented by the Anthrofur association.

- Article 3: The maximum occupancy per sleeping room must be respected. Any proven attempt of "room ghosting" (staying in a hotel room without prior declaration at the reception and without paying the price difference) will result in a permanent ban from the convention for all occupants of the room, in addition to possible sanctions imposed by the hotel hosting the convention.

- Article 4.1: Rooms are guaranteed to be available from 15:00 on your arrival day and must be vacated by 12:00 PM on the morning of your departure day. Rooms must be left in an acceptable condition according to the hotel's standards. The hotel may demand financial compensation from the room occupants if the intervention of a specialized team is required to restore the room to its original condition.

- Article 4.2: The hotel cleaning staff has instructions not to perform any maintenance or cleaning tasks in rooms where access and circulation are made difficult and/or dangerous by equipment belonging to participants. Rooms with such equipment will be reported to the hotel management and the FBL board and will not be serviced throughout the duration of the stay. This includes changing bedding and linens. In accordance with Article 4, if the lack of maintenance resulting from this situation requires the intervention of a specialized team, their intervention may be charged to the room occupants by the hotel.

- Article 4.3: It is strictly prohibited to use any equipment to project images/lighting onto the hotel façades.

- Article 5: Although the hotel accepts pets (up to 40kg) for an additional fee, we ask you not to bring them with you for reasons related to the safety of property and people, and for the well-being of the animals themselves, except for duly equipped assistance animals and upon presentation of specific documents and authorizations for the situation (especially guide dogs and therapy dogs).

- Article 6: The use of firecrackers, pyrotechnic accessories, and other fireworks is prohibited.

- Article 7: Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the hotel and in the immediate vicinity of its main entrance. The outdoor terrace on the 1st floor is freely accessible at all times for smoking/vaping.

- Article 8: For safety reasons, it is prohibited to obstruct emergency exits, block doors, or move fire extinguishers.

- Article 9: Respect plants and gardens (they are neither trash cans nor open-air ashtrays!). Garbage must be placed in trash bags or containers provided for this purpose. If necessary, feel free to ask for bags/containers from the hotel staff or FBL staff. Collection boxes for recyclable glass bottles may be provided by the staff upon request. Remember to recycle!

- Article 10: The hotel's internal regulations must be respected by all participants without exception. The hotel may claim financial reparations for damages or inconvenience caused to its other clients.

- Article 11: Carrying weapons at any time is prohibited. All replicas and facsimiles brought into the hotel must be validated by the Safety team immediately after your arrival before use and must display the validation mark of our teams visibly.

- Article 12: The hotel, FBL management, and Anthrofur association cannot be held responsible for thefts or damages observed on vehicles parked in the parking lot. Respect the allocated spaces and traffic lanes of the parking lot as well as any indications of full parking.

- Article 13: Balloons must be inflated with a non-flammable gas and used in accordance with the instructions.

- Article 14.1: The consumption of food and drinks brought from outside is prohibited in the hotel's common areas unless explicitly authorised in a particular place and time by the FBL staff.

- Article 14.2: The areas made available under Article 14 must be maintained by the participants and left in a clean condition.

- Article 14.3: It is strictly prohibited to operate clandestine or self-managed bars, whether in places provided for in Article 14 or anywhere in the hotel's public spaces.

- Article 15: The use of motorized or non-motorized transportation devices (hoverboards, Segways, electric unicycles, scooters, carts, bicycles, rollerblades, etc.) is prohibited in the hotel.

- Article 16: Please give priority to people with reduced mobility and fursuiters (in this order) in the elevators, both ascending and descending. Do not damage the elevators, respect the maximum number of passengers indicated at the entrance (official FBL signage prevails in all cases), and, for safety reasons, do not obstruct their proper functioning. If possible, please use the stairs provided in the hotel.

- Article 17: Participants are reminded to be extremely vigilant about their drinks. Do not leave your drink unattended. If in doubt, immediately contact the organizing team. For safety reasons, any unattended drink will be discarded by the FBL staff.

Chapter 4: Equipment

- Article 1: The convention rooms are rented from the hotel with equipment. This equipment is provided and must not be moved or damaged.

- Article 2: Any damage to the equipment belonging to the hotel, the Anthrofur association, or its service providers may result in permanent exclusion with invoicing for the damages caused.

Chapter 5: Fursuit Lounge

- Article 1: Access to the fursuit lounge is reserved for fursuiters and may be subject to the presentation of their badge with the "Fursuiter" ribbon or icon.

- Article 2: We do not take any responsibility for the items you leave in the Fursuit Lounge. Any object belonging to you is your responsibility.

- Article 3: Please respect the opening and closing hours of the fursuit lounge. Remember to remove your belongings before its final closure. Abandoned items will be handed over to the lost and found service.

- Article 4: Taking photos and videos in the fursuit lounge is prohibited.

- Article 5: Only food and drinks provided by the fursuit lounge staff are allowed inside.

Chapter 6: Image rights, Photography, and Videography

- Article 1: By participating in the event, you authorize the media team of the FBL event to use, reproduce, and communicate to the public the photos and videos taken during the event. The FBL event expressly prohibits exploiting photographs that could infringe on privacy or reputation, and from using various media for any pornographic, racist, xenophobic, or otherwise harmful purposes. No media publication of photos, videos, texts, and other media using the logos and/or visuals of the Anthrofur association or FBL is permitted without prior authorization. You have the right to use your own photos and videos for private and non-commercial purposes, of course.

- Article 2: As the hotel is located in a regulated airspace, drones are strictly prohibited.

- Article 3: Videos and photos may be used by the media team of the FBL event, but will not result in any payment or compensation for their use. By registering, you agree that your image may appear during all public activities, without any reservations. We are not responsible for your appearance in videos or images taken by a person outside the team. It is your responsibility to be cautious and to inform the videographer or photographer in question.

- Article 4: Fursuiters, except in cases of medical emergencies, in the Fursuit lounge, or at the request of the staff, should keep the head of their costume on during group photos, and limit removal in public.

- Article 5: If you wish to take shots in the public areas of the hotel, please ensure that no hotel staff member or non-FBL hotel guest appears in your photos/videos to avoid complications regarding image rights, or ensure you obtain necessary permissions beforehand.

By registering for the FBL event, the participant acknowledges having read and accepted this regulation in advance. They must initial and sign the related liability waiver paper and present an original, valid form of identification to obtain their badge on-site.

Terms & conditions

Please take note that those Terms and conditions are translated here for inclusiveness purposes. In case of usage for legal purposes, the french version prevails.


These terms and conditions of sale and use are intended for consumers of the services offered by the Anthrofur association.

The terms and conditions below apply to any user of this website, the registration website for the FBL event (, as well as to any purchase of a ticket to participate in the FBL event.

It should be noted that these terms are applicable at the time of purchase and remain in effect even after the current year's FBL event has ended.


Anthrofur: A non-profit association legally and administratively representing the Furry Black Light event.

FBL: Abbreviation for Furry Black Light, an event organized by the FBL Board.

FBL Board: The governing body responsible for the operations of the Furry Black Light event.

Participant: Any individual who has registered and paid for their place at the Furry Black Light event is considered a participant.

Pass: A virtual ticket whose purchase grants access to the Furry Black Light event. Various types of Passes are sold at different prices, each entitling the holder to a set of services, which can be physical (such as T-shirts, novelty gifts) or non-physical (access to priority queues during the Furry Black Light event, for example).

Dealers' Den: An area of the Furry Black Light event dedicated to the creation and sale of artistic items and various crafts (such as drawings, keychains, badges, plush toys...).

Chapter 1: Registration and Payment

- Article 1: The FBL Board reserves the right to refuse a registration request for the FBL event at its sole discretion without having to communicate the reason for refusal. A participant's registration may also be canceled after validation under the same conditions. In such cases, a full refund will be issued to the participant. It is the participant's responsibility to cancel any additional expenses in case of refusal or cancellation of registration, including hotel room reservations or transportation. Although the FBL Board undertakes to notify any refusal or cancellation within a reasonable time before the event, the association and the Board cannot be held responsible for any costs resulting from these cancellations.

- Article 2: To participate in the FBL event, you must register via the online platform provided for this purpose, during the communicated opening period and subject to availability of places. Any registration made outside of this platform will be null and void.

- Article 3: Only payments by credit card are accepted, via the Stripe platform. It is not possible to make payment on-site. If you encounter difficulties with payment, you can contact us via our contact page.

- Article 4.1: You must be at least 18 years old on the eve of the first day of the event; no exceptions will be granted.

- Article 4.2: For safety reasons, children, infants, and toddlers will not be accepted in the convention spaces.

- Article 5: Registrations are nominative and non-refundable (Article L. 221-28 paragraph 12 of the Consumer Code). They may eventually be transferred. You will find on the registration website ( the detailed procedure for transferring your place to another person, please refer to it.

- Article 6: Hotel rooms must be booked independently of your registration for the event. A dedicated link is available on the registration website ( after payment for your place, giving you access to preferential rates for hotel night reservations, subject to availability. Please contact the organizing team via our contact page if you have any doubts or difficulties.

- Article 7: You can sell your FBL Pass to another person through our exchange system. However, you are prohibited from selling your Pass at a higher price than the purchase price. Pass prices are specified on this website, in the registration section. In the event of a violation of this rule, the Anthrofur association and the FBL Board reserve the right to permanently exclude you from the FBL event. If legal proceedings are initiated, you may be liable for a fine of up to €15,000, or €30,000 in the case of a repeat offense, pursuant to Article 313-6-2 of the Penal Code.

Chapter 2: Privacy Policy

- Article 1: Your private data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with the French and European laws in force regarding data protection.

- Article 2: We will not disclose your personal data to third parties unless required by law.

- Article 3: You agree to receive emails regarding the progress of your registrations and payments, as well as any announcements regarding the upcoming event. We will never send you emails that are not related to Furry Black Light. Please check your spam filters to ensure you don't miss any important emails during the registration phase.

- Article 4: You acknowledge that FBL is a private event requiring registration and that you will be required to visibly wear your personalized badge in the privatized areas designated by the association within the hotel and throughout the duration of the event.

- Article 5: Be aware that you or your pseudonym may appear in various publications related to FBL (Photos, videos, social media posts, etc.).

- Article 6: An official member of the organizing team will never ask for your password or banking information.

Chapter 3: Dealers’ Den

The terms and conditions below must be initialed and signed by each vendor present. Furthermore, in accordance with Article L310-2 of the French Commercial Code, all vendors must sign a sworn statement and be registered in the Dealers’ Den vendor registry upon their arrival.

- Article 1: The organizing team reserves the right to refuse a table or a space at the Dealers’ Den to anyone at its sole discretion.

- Article 2: The FBL organizing team reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any goods or services it deems inappropriate at any time, to close a table, or to make other requests with which you must comply, without refund or compensation of any kind.

- Article 3: The FBL event only provides a free space for exhibitors and is not responsible for transactions between participants and exhibitors. Therefore, the Anthrofur association and the FBL Board cannot be involved in any disputes between participants and exhibitors.

- Article 4: Dealers’ Den organizers will not tolerate any abuse towards its members, FBL Staff members, or other exhibitors. Any such incidents may result in expulsion from the Dealers’ Den, or even from the FBL, without refund or compensation.

- Article 5: Exhibitors must not actively sell or solicit transactions in the hotel outside of the Dealers’ Den. Any "street vending" activity is illegal in public spaces (Art. 446-1 of the French Penal Code) and may lead to legal action.

- Article 6: We strongly advise you to be ready at your table for the Dealers’ Den opening to the public. If you have not occupied your table by noon on the first day of opening, we reserve the right to assign it to another exhibitor without prior notice.

- Article 7: Do not disrupt the activities of exhibitors or FBL staff.

- Article 8: Keep the aisles clear; you may store your merchandise under your table. No one should be seated in front of your table.

- Article 9: Exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of the area around their table at all times. Trash bins will be available for you to dispose of your waste.

- Article 10: Unless given exceptional permission, photo/video equipment is prohibited in the Dealers’ Den.

- Article 11: The Anthrofur association and the FBL Board disclaim all liability for lost, stolen, or damaged goods during the convention, unless caused by our own negligence. A lost and found collection will be managed by the FBL Safety team, and announcements will be made during the event regarding found items.

- Article 12: While we prefer that only merchandise associated with the Furry community be sold in the Dealers’ Den, generally associated goods such as manga products and derivatives are accepted.

- Article 13: We do not allow the sale of drinks and food in the Dealer’s Den; however, you may place pre-packaged facsnacks for self-service on your table.

- Article 14: In accordance with the regulations of our rented spaces, it is not allowed to consume food or drinks from outside the hotel in the Dealers’ Den. However, it is tolerated to bring in reasonable quantities of food and drinks solely for exhibitors who do not wish to close their booth during their meal break as long as it does not disturb neighboring exhibitors and does not include the use of cooking appliances. The hotel may provide free water bottles upon request and in limited quantities.

- Article 15: Any clear violation of this regulation will be recorded for future reference.

- Article 16: If any doubt remains regarding this regulation, contact the Dealers’ Den organizing team before the convention, and we will try to assist you.

- Article 17: Out of respect for exhibitors' installations and optimal conditions for circulation, wearing a fursuit and other bulky accessories is not allowed within the Dealers’ Den premises. Large messenger bags, backpacks, and tote bags are also prohibited; only bags distributed or sold by exhibitors and must be carried and not worn.

- Article 18: Electrical appliances used by exhibitors must comply with current European standards and must be checked in advance by the FBL Safety team before their installation. We do not provide any adapters of any kind, and the availability of electrical outlets must be requested in advance and cannot be guaranteed.

- Article 19: The sale of materials containing sexual or shocking content is permitted in the Dealers’ Den under certain conditions. During normal Dealers’ Den hours, this material must be stored in a closed container (box, case, or binder) between each consultation, bearing the appropriate notice for public attention. During the “After Dark” hours (previously communicated by event staff), this material may be freely displayed on tables for public viewing.

Chapter 4: Computer System Regulations

In order to preserve the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our computer systems, FBL establishes this regulation to deter any attempt to breach our systems, whether physical or digital.

- Article 1: Definition of Intrusion Attempt

1.1. An intrusion attempt is defined as any intentional action aimed at accessing, altering, damaging, or compromising FBL's computer systems, whether physical (e.g., servers, computer equipment) or digital (e.g., networks, websites, databases), without prior authorization.

- Article 2: Sanctions

2.1. Any individual or entity identified as attempting to infiltrate our computer systems will be subject to sanctions according to the severity of the attempt and potential damages caused. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

a) Temporary or permanent suspension of access to FBL resources.

b) Immediate termination of any partnership or affiliation with FBL.

c) Reporting to the competent authorities for legal action.

- Article 3: Detection and Reporting Mechanisms

3.1. FBL will implement advanced detection mechanisms to monitor and identify any intrusion attempts into its computer systems.

3.2. Any participant, member, volunteer, service provider, or third party who becomes aware of or suspects an intrusion attempt is required to immediately report the incident to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or any other designated person.

- Article 4: Review and Update

4.1. This regulation will be periodically reviewed to ensure it is adapted to current threats and best practices in computer security.